Friday, February 24, 2017

New Dinghy Sailboats from Sail Montana

Now is the time to place your order for new sailboats for the up coming season!  
Whether you are looking for a new J88 (the family racer cruiser and Boat of the Year), an RS Vision for your lake house or an Aero for one-design competition, now is the time to place your order for summer fun. 

*See note at bottom of page for shipping information. 

RS AERO  $8,150

A 21st century dinghy that embodies pure exhilaration and beautiful simplicity. With 66 pound hull weight and 88 pound total sailing weight, the RS Aero is user-friendly ashore and full of performance on the water. With three rig options, anyone from a junior sailor to an experienced adult can enjoy the benefits of this hi-tech design. This boat has already seen the highest level of demand for any single-hander we’ve launched, and is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. 


RS FEVA $6,650

One of the most popular multi-use boats, the RS Feva is a great option for double handed youth sailing. As a transition from single handed boats, the RS Feva is a better size for younger or smaller sailors than traditional fiberglass options, and offers a high performance sail plan with asymmetric spinnaker. With increased presence in North America the RS Feva is one of the fastest growing fleets in the world. Not just for kids, the RS Feva transitions easily to a recreational single-hander for adults.

Brochure: Feva Brochure

RS VISION $9,795

Great for families and instruction alike, the RS Vision offers a unique blend of comfort and versatility. The spacious cockpit, modern sailplan, and durable plastic hull provides enjoyment for new and experienced sailors. Popular in programs looking to teach sailing with an exciting and engaging platform, the RS Vision is an ideal choice for families, adults, and learn to sail programs.

Length: 15'0"
Beam: 5'8"
Weight: 275 lb. 
Mainsail: 95 sq. ft. 
Jib: 33 sq. ft. 
Gennaker: 130 sq. ft. 


An easy to sail and modern trimaran with main, jib, and spinnaker. There is no other boat quite like it in terms of versatility and performance as it sails very nicely with anywhere from one to three sailors. The uniquely designed hulls provide stability and speed without the need for a trapeze. A boat of the year winner with an updated design for 2015, there are over 1,000 boats sailing worldwide and a growing scene in North America. The Weta can be broken down from full width (11’6”) to a more convenient storage size (6’), adding to it’s ease of ownership. The quality and attention to detail becomes obvious as the Weta tackles a full range of conditions with confidence and ease.

Brochure: Weta Brochure


LASER XD  $6,715

Laser sailing is an investment in skills that will last you a lifetime, skills that apply to any boat you choose to sail. Laser sailing is also a community of sailors from around the world who love to race. When you are ready to race, get into a Laser.
The Laser can be sailed with three different rigs (Full, Radial and 4.7), accommodating sailors from 75-200+ lbs, and all skill levels, from beginner to Olympian.


LOA: 13'10”
Beam: 4'6”
Draft: 2'7”
Sail Area: 76 Square Feet
Hull Weight: 130 Pounds
Colors: White hull with grey deck
Capacity: Designed for one person

SUNFISH $4,220
The Sunfish sail plan requires just 2 lines to control and the boat can be set up in less than 5 minutes. The patented kick-up rudder system allows full beach landings with no problems. The hard-chined hull and low sail plan provide unmatched stability and a forgiving feel. The Sunfish hull is light enough to throw on top of your car with ease, and the bulletproof Quality construction ensures that your Sunfish will provide years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment. The Sunfish combines performance, stability and durability in a package that appeals to beginners and experts alike.

LOA: 13'9”
Beam: 4'1”
Draft: 2'11”
Sail Area: 75 Square Feet
Hull Weight: 120 Pounds
Colors: White hull with grey deck
Capacity: Can be sailed with one or two people