Sunday, April 1, 2018

New J Boats From Sail Montana

Please contact Sail Montana for pricing and further information about J Boats: we offer the full line of J Boats. We have recent experience with the following in-production models, as well as considerable experience with J22, J24 and J80.

J70 - Boats are currently available!  We sold all three J70s on Flathead Lake.  One of the owners has generously offered viewing/demo opportunities - in season of course! Please contact Sail Montana for more info on the smash hit J70!

J88 - One of the best options for inland lake sailing with the occasional trip to the coast. Sail Montana sold the first J88 in the Pacific Northwest in June, 2015 and we can help you get yours!  Used J88's available as well.  Call us.

J97E - An awesome boat for an awesome lake!

J105 - The ultimate lake family daysailor, the first J105 on Flathead Lake also arrived via Sail Montana.

J109 - Sail Montana recently sold the first J109 on Flathead Lake and she is beautiful!

J111 - If there was ever the Ultimate sailboat for Flathead Lake, the J111 would be it!

Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call to discuss your next sailboat: or (406)250-1452

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